BREAKING: CNN Busted In Health HOAX – Fact Prove They’re Guilty…

CNN recently mislead the dozens of people that were watching their network, trying to scare citizens by claiming that hospitalizations are “surging” in South Dakota’s Pennington County.

Fact checkers have reviewed the claim and determined that it was completely false.

In a February 8 report, CNN attributed the fake rise to “low vaccination rates and a lack of coronavirus restrictions.”

The network also “shamed attendees of the Black Hills Stock Show and violated HIPPA by improperly including footage of patients.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, is now faced with the task of undoing all of CNN’s lies.

“We are demanding a correction,” she said, saying her state was “working together to take care of people who get sick with COVID-19. We will not allow divisive out-of-state media outlets to get in the way of the partnerships between the State of South Dakota and our excellent hospital systems.”

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