BREAKING: Trump Election Announcement … In 2022! [Developing]

After snatching the presidential election in 2020, many Democrats thought that they had developed a foolproof plan for upcoming elections. Don’t run against your opponent, run against Donald Trump.

Hey, Donald “lost” once already, so why not just beat him again?

That was the instruction given to Terry McAuliffe, and agreeing with that strategy may very well have cost him his gubernatorial race in Virginia.

Now, at least one Democrat is speaking out to make sure that other Democrats do not make the same mistake as Terry. “It would be a mistake to run against Trump in the 2022 elections,” said Chris Coons from Delaware.

This puts liberals in a really sticky situation, as we know they aren’t any good at beating their opponents with logical points and common sense. They like to find a scapegoat and yell about how bad that person is, and associate the entire GOP with that one person, like they did to Trump. If Trump isn’t going to work as that scapegoat, then who can liberals blame?

According to Axios, their options are limited.

“Biden confidants worry that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is too unknown, that Biden won’t demonize Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell because of their longstanding and collegial relationship and that elevating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could backfire.”

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