The Supreme Court Just Decided… Trump Loves It

The Supreme Court has ruled that lower courts need to look again at a case in which they ruled that a memorial cross in a Florida cemetery must be removed because it was unconstitutional, the Washington Times reported. The new decision points to their recent ruling that a similar cross in Maryland could remain because its primary meaning was not religious but secular.

A lower court judge ruled for the cross’s removal in 2017 because four people objected to it and because it was maintained with public funds. But the Maryland decision said that the monument’s importance to the community went beyond just Christian symbolism.

The 7-2 decision is being heralded by conservatives and the religious as a setback in the Left’s war on Christianity. Trump must be pleased with the decision and with the two Trump-appointed justices that helped secure it.

While the Left often trumpets the “separation of church and state,” that principle is never stated in the Constitution itself. A letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in 1802 contains that phrase, but no official documents do.

Instead, the Constitution says the government can’t institute a religion, which no U.S. government has ever seriously tried to do. Even more important, the Constitution says Congress cannot make any law that stops people from the free exercise of their religion.

Although many liberals and lefties have tried.

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