BREAKING: Election Reversal BOMBSHELL – Secretary Of State Confirms…

Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber has made it official with the Department of Finance: County elections officials have 1,719,900 VERIFIED signatures, over the 1.5 million threshold required to force a recall election of Gavin Newsom.

In case you’re wondering what happened the last time a California governor faced a recall election, Democrat Gary Davis was recalled and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even though the 1.5 million threshold was met back in April, voters were given until June 8th to ask county officials to remove their names from recall petitions.

Only 43 signatures were withdrawn in the period between April 26 and June 8.

The Department of Finance is now required to decide if the recall election will be held immediately or as part of the next scheduled election.

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  5. What IS the point of voting if anonymous mail in votes, ballot harvesting and Dominion voting machines are used? What’s the point?

  6. The democrat party told them to do it to disrupt the discussions that go on here. Write something truly horrible back to them. i can guarantee it will not be censored.

  7. yup it is clearly time to beat the crap out of every liberal you find. punch in the face punch in the guts punch in the face punch in the guts. followed by: “you liberals are too stupid to be allowed to speak no more first amendment for you.” then a punch in the face and walk away.

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