BREAKING: Democrats In Congress Get News They’ve Been Dreading – Pelosi Is…

Congressional approval has sunk to 18% as Democrats in the House and Senate are fighting to keep their slim majority’s chances alive, and failing quite spectacularly.

Despite midterms being less than a year away, liberals are still absolutely stumped as to how to not appear like unlikeable monsters at every turn. Never has this been more evident than in a recent Gallup poll in which only 17% of independents in this country approve of the Democrat-controlled chambers.

With the midterm elections less than 10 months away, pressure is mounting on Democratic legislators to deliver for their constituents. Democrats may be vulnerable as approval of the Democratically controlled 117th Congress is at its lowest point, and recent legislative failures, including the inability to pass social spending, climate change and voting rights bills have frustrated their party’s base.

What’s surprising about this is that one-party control usually results in HIGHER approval ratings.

Not this time.

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