BREAKING: President Biden Gets TERRIBLE Verdict – He’s DONE

Joe Biden likes to pretend there aren’t any problems within his administration. Both he and Psaki have given glowing reviews to Biden’s first year as president, something that should be almost as concerning to voters as the decisions he’s making as president.

But Joe, there ARE problems. They simply can’t be denied any longer. The American people are tired of not being listened to and there is one man that can change the course of Biden’s presidency. Joe Biden. He simply won’t make the changes that Americans really want.

For example, a recent poll from CNN has shown that illegal immigration at America’s southern border is among the top problems facing the nation this year.

A top problem to the people of America, not the president.

Joe couldn’t care less about curbing immigration. In fact, Biden has cut deportations by nearly 90 percent since 2019.

That’s probably because Joe sees every illegal immigrant as a potential democrat voter. That’s who he cares about, in case you haven’t realized. The people here that need his help now aren’t important to the man. But for the people who MIGHT vote for him in the future? Sleepy Joe will bend over backwards.

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