The House Just Voted… It’s Over, Trump Wins

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted, and President Trump won. It is over for Trump’s enemies — they can’t believe they’ve been beaten so badly.

In a vote of 332-95, the articles of impeachment brought forth by Rep. Al Green (D-TX) were soundly defeated on the House floor. “This is perhaps the most ridiculous and time consuming project I have ever had to work on,” remarked Trump.

“Impeachment of your President, who has led the Greatest Economic BOOM in the history of our Country, the best job numbers, biggest tax reduction, rebuilt military and much more, is now OVER,” he continued, making a deserved victory lap.

Even though most Democrats voted with Republicans to kill the measure, however, nearly 100 Democrats voted in favor of it — revealing a deep and passionate divide with the party on whether Trump should be impeached.

Unsurprisingly, the anti-American socialists comprised of Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayannna Pressley supported Rep. Green’s bill as well.

But the current defeat of this effort is a cynical strategy from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She wants to keep the political powder dry and likely bring up impeachment closer to the 2020 election. Good luck, Nancy, but it won’t work.

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