The GOP Just BLOCKED It – Media Freaking Out

Democrat lawmakers in North Carolina were indignant on Thursday when Republicans chose to vote to override the governor’s budget veto with just over half of the state House’s members were present.

The 59-9 vote took place over objections from the few Democrats attending the session, who said that their leaders had been assured that there wouldn’t be a vote during the morning session.

House Speaker Tim Moore said he had announced the vote, and footage showed that he did, but didn’t give a time when the vote would take place. Moore said Democrats were making a “fuss about procedure.”

The vote still has to go to the state Senate, where only one Democrat vote is needed to overturn the veto. Before that happens, however, the House intends to try to recall the Thursday vote.

Governor Roy Cooper also denounced the “surprise” veto vote as being unfair. Democrats said trust has been broken with the deceptive vote, and that it is difficult to govern effectively without trust.

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