BREAKING: Joe Biden’s White House BUSTED In Genocide Conspiracy [Developing]

A State Department spokesperson confirmed to the South China Morning Post this week that President Joe Biden is sending over a dozen officials to China in anticipation of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, apparently violating his own “diplomatic boycott” of the games.

Just to be clear, a “diplomatic boycott” is not a boycott of the Olympics. Rather, it’s symbolic in that the politicians of a country do not attend the games in protest.

Many people around the world have suggested a true boycott of the Winter Olympics, which are being referred to as the “Genocide Games.” So far, no government nor Olympic organization has found that these human rights advocates have strong enough cases to prohibit participation in these Olympics.

Now, it appears as though Biden’s “diplomatic boycott” may not even happen, with reports that at least a dozen American officials are preparing for the trip.

“The U.S. side on one hand claims it will not send any diplomatic or official representation, but on the other hand it is applying for visas for its officials across several departments, including the State and Defense departments.” the South China Morning Post reported. “This sort of rhetoric is puzzling.”

Yeah, it’s puzzling to Americans as well.

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