BREAKING: Diagnosis Spells The END Of Biden – He Can No Longer…

Independents are crucial for any candidate to capture the imaginations of. There’s no way that your party is going to represent over 50% of the population, so you’ve got to get some people that normally don’t agree with you to lean your way once in a while.

Joe Biden has not been able to do that.

According to a recent Politico poll, only 10% of independents strongly approve of the job Joe Biden is doing. Obviously, that isn’t good enough.

One of the areas that Joe Biden is failing specifically is his response to COVID. Despite all of his mandates, restrictions, and general encroachments on our daily lives, he’s not slowed the spread at all.

In fact, even Democrats across the country are starting to ignore him and ditch the mask and vaccine mandates he wants to require so badly.

Joe needs a major turnaround, especially among independents, if he wants any shot in 2024.

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