Texas Shooter Revelations STUNS Media [Just In]

A mass shooting in Texas appeared to target random shoppers and vehicles in shopping centers in Odessa and Midland, Texas on Saturday, leaving seven dead and at least 22 injured, CNN reported.

The shooter went on a bizarre rampage after a traffic stop in Midland, shooting at police and fleeing the scene. He then shot at other random people as he drove to Odessa 20 miles away, where police confronted him in a movie theater parking lot and shot him to death.

Despite the fact that most mass shooters obtain their guns legally or rely on illegal guns that are beyond the reach of proposed gun control laws, many 2020 Democrat presidential candidates were quick to jump to a need for more gun control as an answer to the problem.

In this case, the facts about where the shooter got his gun have not come out, but these candidates are sure that more gun control laws will solve the problem.

Either that, or they just want the control that taking guns away would give them over society.

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