BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT In Death Scandal – Evidence Shows He’s Guilty…

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently appeared on January 13’s edition of the Breitbart News Podcast, and while he was there he did NOT hold back against President Joe Biden.

According to Paxton, Biden is “willing to let people die of COVID or drug overdoses.”

“There’s no doubt that the Biden administration knows that their policies — whether it’s related to not stopping the drug trafficking or whether it is the spread of COVID, on purpose, around the country — knows that people are going to die.”

Illegal immigrants are bringing both COVID and drugs into this country at record rates, and Biden doesn’t seem willing to deter them. In fact, he’s ENCOURAGING them.

“The whole point of getting rid of the Remain in Mexico program is to allow people to come to this country, and then supposedly have a hearing someday and never show up,” Paxton said. “That’s how it was being done under Obama, and President Trump fixed that.”

He then hit Americans with the stunning truth: Biden doesn’t care about your health.

“The reality is they are contributing to the deaths of thousands of Americans on purpose and they’re getting away with it. The American people need to understand this is no accident. This isn’t like, ‘Oh, we just aren’t good at doing this.’ This is like, ‘No, we’re good at doing this, and we’re doing it on purpose.'”

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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