Terrifying News For Beto O’Rourke… It’s The End

Beto O’Rourke is in big trouble. The former Texas congressman and unsuccessful challenger to Sen. Ted Cruz has his dreams set even higher, but he just received some terrifying news that could upend his plan for the future.

The influential conservative group, Club for Growth, is targeting O’Rourke ahead of an expected announcement that he’ll run for president. O’Rourke’s brand of liberalism is just as dangerous as Barack Obama’s and they aren’t taking any chances.

The organization is starting with an ad against O’Rourke in Iowa, still considered a place to test the waters for presidential candidates in both major political parties — but all eyes will be on the Democratic primary in 2020.

“We watched what he did in Texas in the race against Cruz and realized his potential within the Democratic primary system is enormously larger than what people are giving him credit for right now,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

This is why McIntosh’s organization is going after O’Rourke now instead of waiting until he makes a formal announcement. He is the kind of ‘trojan horse’ that simply shouldn’t be ignored, and the group’s 2-minute commercial makes it clear what’s at stake.

O’Rourke is a man of liberal privilege whose father-in-law “bankrolled a super PAC to buy Beto a congressional seat.” He was also caught “causing a collision while driving drunk, then fleeing the scene to avoid accountability. His charges were dropped,” the ad continues.

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