TERMINATED: Trump Isn’t Taking It Anymore – Dems STUNNED

President Trump is sending a message that America will not be taken advantage of anymore. With Trump’s decision to end funding for the World Health Organization he is putting America first.

The coronavirus outbreak exposed to the world that the WHO was not an independent body that could be relied on to be objective.

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board came out and endorsed Trump’s decision saying: “President Trump’s effort to hold the World Health Organization accountable for its bungled handling of the coronavirus is well justified. It is outrageous to expect taxpayers to continue supporting an international body that acts as a lap dog for Beijing.”

China has long been building its influence in every international body it can penetrate, and those organizations are often taking huge sums of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

President Trump has made it clear to the WHO that they must change or lose their funding. This is an important step for the President to go from tweeting angrily to actually following through and hitting them where it hurts.

For an organization like the WHO and its many bureaucrats, losing funding is apocalyptic. America is no longer open to be exploited by international bureaucrats who aren’t doing their job.

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