Ted Kennedy’s Sick Past Finally Exposed in New Film

Chappaquiddick, a movie coming out in April of next year, tells the tragic and terrible story of how Senator Ted Kennedy drove off of a bridge with Mary Jo Kopechne in his car and left her to drown as he escaped.

In July 1969, on one fateful evening, Kennedy and about a dozen other people, including Kopechne, all went out to a party. When the party was over, and Ted was well-lubricated, he began his drive back home with Kopechne in the car.

Kennedy drove his car into Poucho Pond and fled the car without getting Kopechne out. He waited 10 hours to inform local authorities, effectively ensuring that Kopechne would never have an opportunity to be saved.

Politics aside, this was a terrible deed, no matter who you are or what your family’s last name is. (Read More…)

Rosie O’Donnell openly attempts to bribe U.S. senators with $4,000,000

We can file this one under criminal stupidity. On Twitter, Rosie O’Donnell offered Senators Collins and Flake $2,000,000 each to vote in opposition to the tax reform bill. She apparently didn’t realize that offering money to political officials to vote a certain way is called bribery and it’s more than just a little illegal.

In fact, it’s punishable by a fine of up to three times the offered amount and 15 years behind bars. So, in the worst-case scenario (for Rosie, not America) she would owe $12 million and the rest of us could all enjoy a 15-year tweet break. I could think of worse outcomes, how about you? (Read More…)

Report: North Korea is testing new warheads loaded with anthrax

Unsatisfied with testing nuclear warheads, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is moving on to biological warfare. Or so some South Korean intelligence reports are alleging.

According to those reports, Kim has been testing anthrax-laden warheads, presumably to scare the South Koreans into being more flexible diplomatically.

The Kim regime has denied all of these accusations, but it’s not as though they have high credibility ratings. Even the North Korean soldiers guarding the DMZ between North and South are defecting in large numbers. 15 have made it out this year, and the most recent one did so yesterday. Maybe they can shed some light on these reports. (Read More…)

Disgraced Democrat Al Franken releases his resignation date

I can’t say I’m sad to see him go. Franken was forced off his high horse in recent months when a bevy of sexual assault and harassment allegations were leveled against him. Although he announced his resignation weeks ago, he didn’t initially say when he’d be leaving the Senate.

Yesterday, he announced he’ll be out on January 2nd, and his replacement, Tina Smith, will assume his seat the following day.

Smith is currently the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, and she was appointed to the Senate by Gov. Mark Dayton. Prior to entering politics, Smith was the Vice President of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota as well as North and South Dakota. That’s a pretty awful career track, but at least she probably won’t be groping people while taking pictures with them. (Read More…)

Trump Jr. warns of high-level government plan to attack his father’s presidency

Don Jr. just came out swinging. He recognizes what so many have been feeling for the better part of a year; elements of the government are out to obstruct his father’s presidency.

The ‘Deep State’ is virulently anti-Trump and it has been targeting the man and his agenda even before he took office. Administrative agencies have impeded his agenda; the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau attempted to unconstitutionally prevent Trump from appointing his own director (like presidents do with every agency) and; most importantly, the FBI and DOJ have had major figures investigating him for over a year without ever providing adequate rationale.

This stuff is truly unprecedented, and Don. Jr., like his father, doesn’t mind calling it like it is. (Read More…)

Former FBI exec: skepticism of Mueller is fair game

Ron Hosko is a former assistant director of the FBI and current President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund. This week on Laura Ingraham’s show, he flatly said that the criticism of Mueller and his team is warranted. Considering the clear political biases on Mueller’s team, and the text messages exposing the extent of those biases, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

Hosko said that Congress should be questioning who made it on to Mueller’s team, and why they were selected. Many of the people on the team are associated with Democrat Party causes and have donated to Democrats, including Hillary’s most recent campaign.

This alone should have everyone thinking twice. (Read More…)

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