TAX FRAUD Notice… Dems Caught With Pants Down

Billionaire George Soros may be misleading the IRS with the way his nonprofits file their taxes, a new report said Tuesday.

Soros was the third-largest lobbyist in Washington and spent $32 million in the Congressional midterms to try to get Democrats elected.

One of his lobbying groups, the Open Door Policy Center, does not pay any of its employees, but instead, their salaries come from the Open Door Institute, which is the Soros family foundation.

The problem with this arrangement is that the Open Door Policy Center should be considered a subsidiary of the Open Door Institute. But the Open Door Institute says in its organizational paperwork that it doesn’t attempt to influence any political candidates, elected officials or policies.

Nothing about Soros and his shady foundations is “open,” and he should be investigated thoroughly to see if he is breaking any laws with the way he runs these groups.

See the full video here.

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