BREAKING: Taliban Reveals Biden Secret – America FUMING

Dear Joe Biden. When the Taliban are offering glowing endorsements of your actions, isn’t that a sign that something is wrong?

Recently, the Taliban boasted that the Biden Administration has agreed to provide humanitarian air to the newly declared Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Associated Press claims that the Taliban released the statement following their first talks since Biden’s horrific premature evacuation from Afghanistan as summer 2021 came to a close.

News of this agreement hit the airwaves just two days after Russia invited the Taliban to attend a meeting in Moscow with the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and Pakistanis.

The invitation is apparently meant to address the “geopolitical situation.” “Various other Afghan parties” were also invited to the talks.

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  6. Russians, Chinese, Iranians & Pakistanian’s meeting together. They’ve got the United States number, under Joe Biden. Goodbye World; we knew we were “doomed” with Biden undoing all the good that had been done, but those countries will try to finish “the country we knew & grew up in” off, for good!!! We were the last of the Free World, where people were able to think, speak & do for themselves. Biden, Inc., will take over our lives (they’ve already proven, they think “we the people” are stupid & can’t think or do for ourselves), so they (the Gov.) will take over and do for us. We the people, will lose all we spent our lives, building up for the future generation. GOD HELP US, PLEASE!!!!!!!

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