BREAKING: Fox News Gets Huge Victory – Surrender Is Sweet…

CNN is admitting it has lost the war to Fox News in the battle between the two network giants.

Incoming CNN chief Chris Licht appears ready to accept defeat:

New CNN honcho Chris Licht doesn’t actually start until May, but ever the savvy “operator” he has already begun backchanneling with key figures, including agents and reporters, and, according to two insiders familiar with the matter, making it known to Fox News that he is working towards a cease-fire on his network’s aggressive coverage of them. On Sunday, there were notably no mentions of Fox News on CNN’s marquee media show, Reliable Sources, hosted by Brian Stelter, who last year penned a New York Times Best Seller titled Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth. In recent years, CNN has become known for its forceful coverage of Fox News and its partisan talking heads who’ve played enormous roles in influencing former President Donald Trump and the right-wing media ecosystem that supports him. In turn, Fox News has returned the favor, often attacking CNN stars—sometimes with potshots about their physical appearances.

CNN has been trailing Fox News in the ratings for quite some time, and this just confirms just how far behind the network really is.

The difference is amazing, really.

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