Supreme Court Victory – Donald Trump Is…

As a vocal supporter of veterans and of freedom from environmentalist overreach, President Trump is expected to applaud a recent Supreme Court decision.

On Monday, SCOTUS overturned the conviction of 78-year-old veteran Joseph Robertson, now deceased, who was jailed and fined for the crime of digging ditches on his own Montana property to defend against wildfires.

The federal government had accused Robertson of violating the Clean Water Act, a bill that the EPA has repeatedly used to infringe upon American’s private property rights.

For his “crime,” Robertson spent 18 months in prison and was fined $130,000, which was inherited by his estate.

Robertson also had to move out of his home and into a trailer because, as a convicted felon, he could not have access to the firearm his wife kept in a safe. He died while on probation.

“Mr. Robertson, a veteran, died before he was vindicated,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, “but his fight has protected the constitutional freedoms of other Americans.”

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