BREAKING: Supreme Court Announcement Stuns Nation – This Can’t Happen

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) has had enough of the Democrats’ trying to pack the Supreme Court.

Instead of trying to lean one way or the other when it comes to Supreme Court packing, Moran thinks that we need to be “celebrating an independent court” that makes decisions based on what the Constitution says, not what their bias tells them to.

Moran was appearing on “Fox News Live” when he made the comments.

“We do live in the greatest country on Earth and the history of the world. We have so much to be thankful for, and it doesn’t seem that on Independence Day, the day in which we honor our history and our future, we recognize what we’ve come through and where we have to go, that the conversation is now packing the court,” Moran advised. “I mean, what we ought to be doing is celebrating the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms and liberties it provides. And we ought to be celebrating an independent court that makes decisions based upon the words of the Constitution and based upon the statutes that Congress passes. And when we don’t get the result we want from a court, the response should not be, ‘Well, let’s put a bunch more justices of on the court.’ The response should be we honor the fact we live in a country with the rule of law.”

Unfortunately for Moran’s seemingly sound logic, the roadblock here is the amount of liberals that hate the constitution, and are fearmongering the general population into thinking the same way.

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8 Responses

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  2. The one thing we don’t need is another ‘independent’ court. The Supreme Court we have does follow the Constitution, but since the Democrats don’t agree with the Constitution, they don’t like the Supreme Court & want to pack it with far-left idiots that have probably never read the Constitution. I’m not sure why Sen Moran thinks our Supreme Court of today doesn’t follow the Constitution because it really does. There are variances within the Constitution that didn’t take into account today’s world & our Supreme Court does a good job of judging according to the Constitution. I may not agree when they refuse to take a case, but having another court is not the answer.

  3. There is only one Supreme Court and that was the way it was meant be! They should and do follow the constitution.

  4. The Supreme Court is just fine with the way it is, I don’t always agree with what they decide, but there is no rational reason to add to the present 9 members of the court, democrats are mentally ill!

  5. I agree that the Supreme Court need more Justices. I sometimes disagree with their decision, or at least the ones thrown out into the country via newscasts or newspapers. I don’t keep up to date with all cases they are judging. I do however believe that when a new Judge is being picked their confirmation should be based on their record not their political party approval.

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