Supreme Court Stops It – Says ‘No’

The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to issue a far-reaching decision that will affect national policy well into the future. They’re about to say “no.”

According to reports, the court’s justices may be united in a case determining the extent that California labor law on pay applies to offshore oil rig workers during off-the-clock hours.

Brian Newton, the plaintiff, worked on an oil rig for two years and it arguing that he deserves pay during the time he’s technically on call, including when he sleeps.

Newton’s class-action lawsuit aims to force his former employer, Parker Drilling, to pay workers present on the platform when they aren’t on shift. His lawyers have termed this scenario “controlled standby.”

However, conservatives and liberals on the court are skeptical about the applicability of California’s progressive law. Justice Samuel Alito argued that applying state authority here “means that California then extends 200 miles out to sea.” 

Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a darling of the far-left, said that “a state is not sovereign” in this instance. It appears likely that the court will have a rare moment of unity on a major case.

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