Supreme Court Shocker… This Changes Everything

News is spreading nationwide about a Supreme Court shocker. This could change everything about the direction of our country, and Democrats are nervous.

President Trump has now nominated two justices to our nation’s highest court, and now, for the first time in years, there’s a chance for conservative victory on multiple issues — including two high-profile Second Amendment cases.

The first case is called Daniel v. Armslist, and it largely deals with where responsibility lies when tragedy strikes. is simply an online hub for people to buy and sell firearms, however, gun control advocates are claiming this violates the law.

Back in 2012, a man used the website to find and purchase a gun from a private seller — he had a restraining order against him at the time for abusing his wife. Tragically, he used the firearm to kill her and two of her colleagues at work.

But here’s where it gets complicated: Gun control groups argue is legally responsible for what happened and is a “haven for illegal gun buyers,” however, Armslist has said they can’t be held liable for how others use the site.

The Supreme Court could take up this case and one other. The second case is whether Remington Arms promoted illegal use of their products through advertising, which is a claim some families of the heartbreaking Sandy Hook massacre are making.

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