Supreme Court SHOCKER – Millions Horrified

News is spreading nationwide about a Supreme Court shocker. Millions of Americans are horrified, and the radical left has been exposed again for their treachery.

“We need every Democrat to join us. Sign the petition and tell Democrats to support adding seats to the Supreme Court today,” reads a petition circulated by a Soros-linked activist group called Demand Justice.

Liberals lost the 2016 election and weren’t able to stop Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh from confirmation, so now they’ve shifted their attention to court-packing — with the help of George Soros’s Open Society Policy Center (OSPC).

According to OSPC’s own website, they granted $2,500,000 to Demand Justice in the second quarter of 2018. One can bet that if this misguided effort gains more steam, additional funds will follow.

In the past, Soros has been linked to campaigns to abolish the Electoral College. Now, it appears that he has shifted his attention to expanding the seats on the Supreme Court for a Democrat president to eventually fill.

But Demand Justice’s push to upend our judicial system is currently a pipe dream. Soros may have bottomless pockets, however, patriotic Americans have resisted any efforts back by the socialist billionaire.

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