Supreme Court Rumors RELEASED… Trump Was Right

A massive Supreme Court rumor was just released. President Trump was right all along, and the American people are taking notice. This is stunning.

Justice Sotomayor has now proven her inability to be impartial. During an immigration-related case, she quickly interrupted a lawyer with a question, even though a new Supreme Court rule bars this for a lawyer’s first two minutes.

“The new guidance … requires the court’s nine justices to allow lawyers to lay out their arguments, uninterrupted, for two full minutes before the justices start making inquiries,” reported Fox News.

Attorney Paul Hughs was reportedly in the middle of his opening remarks in a case assessing whether immigrants can be prosecuted by states for “using information obtained on employee verification forms.”

It was at this point that Sotomayor interjected. “Even if they were applying to a college?” she asked. But Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked her and told Hughs that he could answer her question later.

Sotomayor responded with a sheepish “I’m sorry,” and the hearing continued. However, this is exactly why we don’t need political activists on our nation’s highest court. She showed her bias and it is deeply disconcerting.

Read the full story here.

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