Supreme Court Reversal – This Is The End

The U.S. Supreme Court just issued an unexpected reversal and Americans are stunned. Rumors are swirling that this could be the end, but it’s far more complicated.

In a surprising move, the nation’s highest court decided against taking up a case on an Indiana law that banned abortion on the basis of an unborn child’s race, gender, or Down Syndrome diagnosis.

This effectively punted back to lower court rulings on the matter, which prohibited Indiana from implementing such a law. However, there’s reason to believe that the Supreme Court is just waiting for the right case.

First of all, justices upheld a separate Indiana law mandating that abortion clinics must either cremate or burn the remains of an aborted baby. Clearly, this policy is meant to help prevent the selling of aborted baby parts.

Their ruling is proof that they have no problem addressing abortion issues, however, on the broader matter of abortion itself, perhaps justices are looking for a more comprehensive challenge to Roe v Wade.

With landmark legislation passing at the state level regularly, the court will have plenty of opportunities to tackle the question in the near future. President Trump and millions of pro-life Americans are ready.

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