Supreme Court Replacement – Trump Is Smiling…

News about a Supreme Court replacement was just announced, and President Trump is smiling. There’s nothing the Democrats can do about it.

Despite attacks from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other liberals, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisted that “if there were to be a vacancy” on the court in 2020 “of course we’d fill it.”

Unsurprisingly, Schumer is whining about McConnell’s consistent position. “Senator McConnell is a hypocrite,” tweeted the Democratic senator recently. But the truth has never been Schumer’s forte.

“The precedent that people ignored back in 2016 when I made the decision not to fill the vacancy during the middle of the presidential election was who controlled the Senate,” noted McConnell.

According to history, he said, “you have to go back to 1888 to find the last time a Senate of a different party from the president confirmed a vacancy to the Supreme Court that occurred during the presidential election.”

Facts are simply lost on anti-Trump liberals who fear losing political control of the nation for a generation. Everyone knows that the real battle for our Constitution rests with the Supreme Court, and Trump is winning.

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