Supreme Court Releases Shock Decision – Trump Loves It

Ever since Trump became president, he’s been moving the Supreme Court in a constitutional direction. Now, with Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the court, they just made a shock decision. Trump is a big fan of this one.

For some time now, the Trump Administration has been pushing for the Supreme Court to determine whether a citizenship question can be asked on the 2020 Census form. The court has finally answered and is expected to make a decision by June.

Originally, the Southern District of New York struck down the administration’s request, and then it headed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to appeal the decision. But the Supreme Court stepping is good news for Trump and America.

Since the Supreme Court has to make a decision by June — given that census ballots have to start printing then — our nation’s highest court will hear the case before the lower Second Circuit even gets a chance.

It is crucial that the Supreme Court rule in the Trump Administration’s favor regarding the 2020 Census. Democrats nationwide, but especially in liberal states, want to count illegal immigrants as citizens and this leads to overrepresentation.

The entire point of the census is to determine apportionment for state and federal legislative districts and to give an accurate presentation of the number of citizens in the United States. A victory at the Supreme Court would be another defeat to the liberal agenda.

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