Supreme Court Notification – IT’S HAPPENING

The Supreme Court is currently handling a crucial case dealing with gun rights. But in a shocking display of partisanship, Democratic senators are telling the Supreme Court to drop the case – or else.

This represents nothing more than a bald-faced attempt by Democrats to destroy the Supreme Court’s authoritiy and independence. And it’s crucial that the court doesn’t back down.

Top Republican politicians have now delivered a letter to the court, reminding them of their non-partisan nature. This letter is a direct response to Democrats putting pressure on the court.

The left has been assaulting the 2nd Amendment on all sides for years. Now they are scared that the Supreme Court will put an end to their arguments.

The 2nd Amendment is our most important right, even surpassing the 1st Amendment. Without the right to defend ourselves, all other rights are at the mercy of the government.

We cannot allow the left to take our rights. We cannot lose what makes America great. And the Supreme Court cannot allow Democrats to take its constitutional authority to protect our rights.

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