Supreme Court NOTICE – Trump Made His Decision

A major Supreme Court notice just dropped, and the news is spreading nationwide. President Trump has made his decision. There’s no going back now.

In a move that is enraging Democrats, the Trump Administration has asked the Supreme Court to take up a case known as Selia Law v. CFPB, which is a lawsuit arguing that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is unconstitutional.

The administration’s attorneys have made the point that the “structure of the Bureau, including the for-cause restriction on the removal of its single director, violates the Constitution’s separation of powers.”

In this case, “f0r-cause” is referring to the CFPB’s structure and how the president can only fire the agency’s director for specific, egregious reasons. However, as an executive branch agency, the president should be able to fire the director at all.

This is how every other agency under the executive branch operates, however, Democrats established the CFPB to be more insulated intentionally — one of the many reasons why it needs to be shuttered or massively restructured.

Far from being a financial protection arm of the federal government, the CFPB has placed onerous restrictions on the marketplace, hurting consumers and financial institutions alike.

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