Supreme Court Makes It Official

The U.S. Supreme Court is clearly showing that elections always matter, especially who Americans choose as president of the United States.

With a string of decisions, the highest court in our nation has made it official: We are making a return to conservative, pro-Constitution values, one ruling at a time. And we have President Trump to thank for wisely picking Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to serve, marking a rightward shift in the make up of the court that will impact America’s course for a generation.

In recent days, the Supreme Court has allowed Trump’s policy of protecting our military from liberal social experiments to go forward, ensuring that new recruits will serve as the sex they were assigned at birth. The court has also agreed to take up a gun rights case out of New York City that severely limits how firearms can be carried outside of one’s home for self-defense.

Looking back to last summer, even more examples abound for us to examine, including the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who decided that providing a cake for a same-sex wedding violated his conscience. The state of Colorado prosecuted the man, Jack Phillips, but he finally found relief when the court upheld his First Amendment right to religious freedom. It truly is a new day in America.

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