Supreme Court Justice Comes Forward… [Shock Details]

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch made a 2nd year law student’s day when he replied to a letter the student wrote asking for advice. IJR reported that the student was very happy with Gorsuch’s advice and posted his letter on social media for everyone to see.

“A few months ago, I wrote a letter to Justice Gorsuch asking for advice as I make my way through law school,” University of Dayton student Patrick Sobrowski tweeted. “It was an extremely pleasant surprise to come home to a response from him.”

“Fantastic advice; regardless of whether you are a lawyer or not,” Sobrowski said of Gorsuch’s comments, which advised hard work and kindness as well as valuing relationships with family and friends.

“Learn to win — or lose — graciously,” Gorsuch said in the letter, advising students to “never give up on your passions.”

“Know that you will have many regrets in life — things said or done, or left unsaid or undone — but the one thing you will never regret is being kind,” Gorsuch finished.

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