Supreme Court Hits The Brakes… It’s Over

A new Supreme Court ruling has put the brakes on the war against Christianity, the Washington Examiner reported. Only two of nine justices agreed that a cross-shaped monument war monument went against Constitutional protections against the establishment of religion.

Lawyers argued successfully that the monument had taken on a secular meaning because of how long it had stood and its military significance. A case where a more explicitly religious statue had been recently erected might have led to a different outcome.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his opinion that American Humanist Association’s motivation for its suit was “a campaign to eliminate items with a religious association” that “may evidence hostility to religion.” He also said that removing it “would be seen not as a neutral act, but as a manifestation of ‘a hostility towards religion that has no place in our Establishment Clause traditions.’”

His last phrase quotes a 2005 opinion from Justice Stephen Breyer, which shows just how far things have moved in less than 15 years. At breakneck pace, the Left has been trying to get religion out of every part of public life.

At least this ruling has slowed that speeding freight train a little bit, at least for a little while.

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