Supreme Court Gun Ban Shocker… Oh My Gosh

Even from the sidelines, former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens can’t stop assaulting gun rights.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Stevens attacked the constitutional right to bear arms, saying, “There’s no need for all the guns we have in the country.”

“If I could get rid of one thing, it would be to get rid of that whole gun climate,” said Stevens, who last year called for the total repeal of the Second Amendment.

Stevens criticized the Court for the landmark 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller decision, of which he had written the dissenting opinion.

The case made waves by recognizing that the Constitution guarantees not just the right to serve in a state militia, but also the individual right to own firearms.

Stevens called District of Columbia v. Heller “unquestionably the most clearly incorrect decision that the Court announced during my tenure on the bench.”

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