BREAKING: Supreme Court MANDATE Decision – America Is…

It’s been up in the air for a while, but we finally have confirmation: the Supreme Court has decided that they will hear challenges to two of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The two mandates that the court will examine are the OSHA mandate and the healthcare worker mandate. Justices will listen to both cases on January 7, just three days after the deadlines for the mandates to go into effect.

The orders for both cases are relatively brief, and do not say whether the Court will decide both cases in their entirety or instead decide to issue a stay while litigation over the mandates continue.

The OSHA mandate is by far the biggest of the five mandates that Biden has issued thus far. It impacts an incredible 84 million American workers.

Changing this would be changing America. The Supreme Court agreeing to take the case is the first step on the road back to freedom.

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