BREAKING: Joe Biden Actually LOST – Supreme Court Confirms…

The Supreme Court striking down the Biden Administration’s employer vaccine mandate was a victory for everyone in America. I’d be lying though, if I said that some people weren’t more invested in the decision than others.

The Job Creators Network was the first organization to file a petition at the Supreme Court to have Biden’s mandate(s) blocked.

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creator’s Network, recently released a statement talking about how big of a victory this is for his organization and for America as a whole.

“The Supreme Court has stood up for small businesses by staying this illegal employer vaccine mandate,” Ortiz began. “The court has confirmed what JCN has long argued: OSHA does not have the authority to implement this sweeping regulation that will burden American businesses, including many small businesses, with new costs and exacerbate the historic labor shortage. By Issuing this stay, the Supreme Court has freed small businesses to focus on bringing the economy back to its pre-pandemic peak.”

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