Supreme Court Bombshell – Shock Charges…

On Wednesday Immigrants rights groups petitioned the Supreme Court to delay ruling on whether the Trump administration can include a citizenship question on the 2020 Census until a lower court can rule on allegations that the question will give Republicans a political advantage in future elections.

Fox News said that the administration was seeking to improve enforcement of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with the citizenship question. The Voting Rights Act was passed to protect minority voters from discrimination.

Evidence recently discovered in a North Carolina redistricting case seems to show that the question came from a Republican strategist who thought it could be “advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.” At least, that’s what the ACLU says.

Three different federal courts struck the question down, but the Trump administration has appealed the rulings to the Supreme Court. If a ruling is delayed, it could become a moot point as Census questionnaires will soon be going out all over the U.S.

It seems like yet another end run around the rule of law by Democrats who care more about keeping power than about keeping illegal immigrants from voting fraudulently in U.S. elections.

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