Supreme Court Abortion Notice – Nation In Shock

The U.S. Supreme has taken center stage in the heated fight over abortion. A stunning notice just went out nationwide, and Americans are bracing themselves for what’s coming next.

This week, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a conservative Republican, signed into law the strongest pro-life measure in existence to protect unborn babies from the horror of abortion — and all roads lead to the Supreme Court.

Pro-life activists have long sought to trigger a battle at the Supreme Court over the findings in Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion-on-demand in the United States.

Now, with the Supreme Court’s newfound conservative majority, it’s becoming even more possible that a full review of Roe could take place. At the very least, the court could decide to give states more control on the matter.

In addition to Alabama, other states already have legal challenges pending as a result of pro-life laws passed by their respective legislature. Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, and Georgia are currently defending their pro-life laws from liberal attacks.

How Alabama’s case ends is currently anyone’s guess, however, more and more states are jumping into the fray to challenge the long-standing and disastrous decision that has led to over 60 million abortions nationwide.

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