Suicide CONFIRMED – Body FOUND – She’s GONE [Just In]

A tragic suicide was just confirmed. The body has been found, and a community is in mourning. Please pray for this heartbroken family and that justice will be served.

Letty Serrano, a 15-year-old Houston girl, took her own life after being a victim of sex trafficking. She was reportedly taken at the age of 13. She was found eventually found alive, but her traumatic scars remained.

Cynthia Rivera, Serrano’s grandmother, said, “She was taken by an older man. She was drugged. Her story is that she was abused by different men.”

The family is now spreading awareness about sex trafficking in order to help others. According to an anti-trafficking organization called Elijah Rising, there are at least 300,000 victims in Texas alone.

The group’s executive director, Micah Gamboa, also said that what happened to Serrano is “a very familiar story, unfortunately.” He said,” Entire cities are becoming red-light districts … It’s actually spreading across the nation.”

Gamboa also noted that suicide is common in sex-trafficking victims. This should surprise no one, given the pain they endure at the hands of their abusers. Serrano’s father commented that she was never the same after coming back, and he is rightly demanding that his daughter’s attackers be held accountable.

Read the full story here.

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