BREAKING: Major City BANS Straight People – Constitution Be Damned…

The City of West Hollywood has adopted a very progressive idea, a guaranteed income program.

They’ve also latched onto another key belief of the liberal party these days, that we should segregate based on things like gender, sexual orientation, and race.

You see, this guaranteed income program does not apply to straight people. If you are attracted to people of the opposite gender, you are excluded from this program. This is not a joke.

Here are the conditions you need to meet in order “to receive unconditional monthly $1,000 payments from April 2022 through September 2023:”

Must reside in the City of West Hollywood, be 50 years or older, identify as LGBTQIA, and have an individual income of $41,400 or less.

Keep in mind, this is a GOVERNMENT program, not a few whackos in the community who got together one day. We elected the people that produced this garbage.

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