Stormy Daniels Spills The Beans After Arrest – Nation Stunned

Stormy Daniels just dropped a major bombshell after the arrest of her former lawyer, Michael Avenatti. She has stunned the nation with this shocking news.

Daniels, who severed her professional relationship with Avenatti over a month ago, said in a public statement that “there will be more announcements to come” about the disgraced attorney recently arrested on charges related to a bribery scheme.

While there’s only speculation about what Daniels might reveal, her connection with Avenatti was fraught with trouble from the start. The infamous defamation lawsuit against President Trump was filed “against my wishes,” she once said.

Key parts of her statement following Avenatti’s arrest should be read in full. “Knowing what I know now about Michael Avenatti, I am saddened but not shocked by news reports that he has been criminally charged today,” Daniels wrote.

She continued: “I made the decision more than a month ago to terminate Michael’s services after discovering that he had dealt with me extremely dishonestly and there will be more announcements to come.” Avenatti may want to lawyer-up himself.

In the meantime, let’s relish in the quick about-face from liberals who thought Avenatti was an ally in their anti-Trump cause. Even the Washington Post has now admitted, “Michael Avenatti’s downfall would be a great thing for Democrats.” With any luck, maybe he’ll take some Democrats with him.

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