Shock state begins gun confiscation

After the Las Vegas shooting last year, gun control measures became a central focus of the Left. Since then, anti-gun advocacy groups have been making major pushes for new restrictions. Right when it seemed like the Vegas shooting was fading into the background of the policy discussion, the monster in Parkland, Florida attacked.

In response, some states and localities have already begun to enact their restrictive new laws. In Seattle, Washington, police have been empowered to begin removing firearms from people who are suspected of being “extreme risks.” Even without an arrest, warrant, or any criminal charges, the police are currently permitted to remove the firearms of some people.

Everyone wants to stop gun-related violence and protect children. Left or Right, that’s what all people of good will want. But we cannot trample on our God-given rights to self-defense, and our constitutional Second Amendment rights. Due process is necessary, and laws like the one in Seattle need to be properly narrowed to achieve the security we all want while preserving the liberty we treasure. (Read More…)

Co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream arrested

When you break the law, you get arrested. Unless you’re a Clinton, of course. But Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream isn’t as bulletproof as “Billary.”

So Burlington, Vermont is planning to build a base for F-35 fighter jets in their town. Ben didn’t like this plan at all, so he got all hopped up on ice cream and went out to protest. He strapped some speakers to his trailer and went around blasting the sound of an F-15 to apparently show the town how loud fighter jets can be.

But Burlington police didn’t take to his antics, so they placed him under arrest a few days later. I’m guessing they don’t serve Ben and Jerry’s in jail. (Read More…)

Turkish airstrike kills at least 36 inside Syria

Unfortunately, the Syrian civil war seems to be getting bloodier and more complicated. First, there are multiple Syrian groups vying for power, including Assad’s forces, which are backed by Russia. Then there are the Kurdish forces backed by the United States and even some other separatist forces. Lastly, there are the additional ISIS and Islamic fundamentalist groups that have taken serious beatings in recent months but still wield some power.

The Turks have been fighting an offensive against one faction that is backed by the United States, and, oddly, by the Syrian government forces. Turkey launched an airstrike against the Kurds, killing at least 36 in an area near the border of the two countries. Consequently, this creates some bad blood between the U.S. and Turkey who are otherwise considered allies in NATO. Turkey needs to watch out while President Trump in office, he and his administration won’t hesitate to punch back. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton says she loved watching ‘Black Panther’

Over a year later and Hillary still doesn’t understand why she lost. She blamed it on the Russians (who actually provided the intel for the dossier she paid for), but that was just a way of deflecting how she was a terrible candidate. Hillary lost because she’s fake, she’s a liar, and she’s corrupt. This is why no one in their right mind believes her when she speaks.

On Twitter, Clinton just broadcast how excited she was to watch Black Panther, and just how much she liked the movie. We get it, Hillary, you’re progressive and virtuous, right? Except we all know that she is just self-serving and she’ll do anything to make herself look good. Even when she has no shot in politics, she just can’t give up the game. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy says he would turn down attorney general job if asked

Sad news, but understandable. Trey Gowdy is retiring from Congress at the end of his term for the foreseeable future. He’s fed up with the politics and showboating that lead to nothing more than lining the pockets of his colleagues on the Left while they perpetuate dishonest narratives like the Trump Russia conspiracy.

There has been some rumor that Gowdy might be looking for a position in the administration, and with his legal background, that he would be a great candidate for attorney general. The congressman squashed those rumors recently and said he wouldn’t take the position. Previously, he said that he wanted to go back into his legal practice where truth matters, very much unlike Congress.

I’ll miss Gowdy, but I have little doubt that he’ll be back to serve his country again in the future. (Read More…)

Michigan Democrat resigns after criminal theft conviction

Corrupt Democrats are in unlimited supply, apparently. Another one has resigned after admitting that he stole money from taxpayers. Michigan State Senator, Bert Johnson hired a “ghost employee” who received a salary of $23,000, but didn’t actually work. Johnson took the money to repay some debts and then got caught when investigators had the actual person who Johnson represented as his employee, cooperate with them.

Once he was caught, he rightfully resigned in disgrace, and he has agreed to pay back the money to the state of Michigan. Why is it that so many Democrats seem to think it’s ok to defraud and steal from honest, taxpaying citizens? Is it because they’re not actually out to serve and they just want self-aggrandizement? I think so. (Read More…)

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