BREAKING: Trump Reinstatement Bombshell – Democrats Stunned By Announcement

The standoff between Governor DeSantis and Biden simply isn’t going away until Joe backs down, whether he likes it or not.

Common sense scored another victory this week when the office of Florida Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, released a scathing critique of Joe Biden and his administration.

The letter, penned by DeSantis’s general counsel Ryan Newman, slammed Biden for trying his hardest to repeal the incredible progress that Donald Trump made in securing America’s southern border.

Newman’s three-page letter, sent on January 26, was sent to Mark Greenberg in the Biden administration, and was obtained by Breitbart shortly thereafter.

DeSantis’ team is warning that unless Biden reinstates Trump’s border plan, there is going to be a heavy price to pay. DeSantis is ready to delicense Children and Families (DCF) facilities if they are sheltering illegal immigrants.

The letter concluded that the state of Florida’s DCF “can no longer participate in or otherwise facilitate this highly flawed federal program until” Trump’s border policies are reinstated.

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