BREAKING: Jen Psaki Drops Health Bombshell – President Virus SHOCKER…

The White House has admitted it:

It’s pretty likely that Joe Biden could test positive for COVID very soon.

The announcement comes after Joe Biden spent April 6 with Nancy Pelosi, who tested positive for COVID later that night.

While hanging out, Pelosi was photographed kissing Biden on the cheek.

Hilariously, Psaki initially tried to claim that the kiss did not constitute “close contact.”

Obviously this answer was so obviously false that even Jen herself was forced to admit later, saying that “the President may at some point test positive for COVID.”

She also addressed why Kamala Harris was able to throw all social distancing rules out the window to hug Ketanji Brown Jackson despite having been confirmed to have knowingly been in contact with COVID just previously.

Psaki called it “understandable.”

“She had an emotional moment, which is understandable.”

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