BREAKING: Stacey Abrams BUSTED In Financial Scandal – Trump Was Right…

Stacey Abrams could be in serious trouble.

Records prove that in 2015 the liberal sponsored legislation when she was a Georgia lawmaker pertaining to bad debt from credit companies.

The legislation was relevant to her financial services company.

Abrams was then the Georgia House minority leader, and was the lone liberal to sponsor the bill alongside four Republicans.

The bill sought to modify the state’s income tax process to “provide for credits for bad debts on private label credit cards or dealer credit programs.”

At the time, Abrams was senior vice president at a company called NOWAccount.

Abrams had cofounded the company with a friend in 2010.

NOWAccount had loaned out money that would have been impacted by the legislation.

Abrams’ team has no responded to questions of whether the legislation would have benefitted Stacey Abrams personally.

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