BREAKING: Stacey Abrams Is GUILTY – Evidence Proves She Did It…

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is one of the biggest proponents that the government should control increasingly large portions of American people’s lives. One of the ways which she thinks we should do that is by mandating mask-wearing.

For everyone except for her.

That’s right, in the latest installment in liberal America’s “meant for thee, not for me” saga, Stacey Abrams showed up to a school full of children that she loves forcing to wear masks. During her visit, Stacey Abrams decided not to wear a mask.

Needless to say, Americans lost their minds. Even the liberal ones.

Even Joy Behar. “Stacey Abrams kind of slipped up here. They took a picture of her with these kids without a mask, giving aid and comfort to the other side. That’s what she did. And I’m surprised at her, to tell you the truth, That she would slip up.”

When Joy Behar is saying that you’re not using common sense, you might be beyond help. That’s just where most people would place Stacey Abrams anyway.

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