Soros Humiliated – It’s Devastating For Him

Socialist billionaire and Trump opponent George Soros just hit a major setback in his global push for open borders. It seems not every world leader is on board with his plan to destroy jobs and create a safe haven for gangs and terrorists.

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, has taken a strong stance against open borders in the wake of 400,000 illegal immigrants flooding his country. His solution: Constructing a wall. “Basically, what I can tell you is that regardless of the continuous attempt to break in, we were successful to protect the border,” said Szijjártó in an interview.

Imagine that! Here, we have a European leader accepting reality and doing what’s necessary to keep his citizens safe. Szijjártó also praised President Trump’s leadership, saying, “We really do understand his endeavour to protect the people and the country of the United States from illegal migration.”

Could this be any more of a nightmare for Soros and open-border crazies? With Hungary speaking out against illegal immigration, will other European nations begin to see the light? We can only hope so, as Europe continues to crumble under the bad policies of left-wing radicals like German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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