Soros Caught – Look What He Did

His secret is out — George Soros loves walls!

The billionaire bankroller of leftist causes is an active opponent of President Trump’s border wall, he funds organizations that advocate for open borders, and he even runs a foundation called the “Open Society.” But when it comes to his own private property, the bigger the wall, the better.

Soros’ love affair with walls has been exposed by The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson on his series, “Walls of America.” The point of the series is to spotlight the incongruity between liberal’s stance on open borders and their efforts to secure their own homes against intruders.

The left’s retort is that home walls and border walls are apples and oranges. Even if so, Soros’ heavily secured property is a reminder that when illegal immigrants flood U.S. borders, the brunt of the negative effects is felt, not by billionaires in their mansions, but by regular middle-class Americans and the poor.

You can read the full story right here.

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