BREAKING: Joe Biden Surrenders – Socialist Conspiracy EXPOSED

Just last week, Joe Biden had apparently stood his ground and done what was best for America by asking citizens to repay their student loans.

Of course, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flipped out. How is she supposed to buy votes if Biden won’t pay the bill for her?

As a result, spineless Biden immediately reversed his decision, pausing student loan payments for another 90 days.

Despite promising last year to shut down COVID, Biden and his team blamed the virus for his decision. “We know that millions of student loan borrowers are still coping with the impacts of the pandemic and need some more time before resuming payments,” the White House said.

So which is it, Joe? Did you take care of the virus or is it currently crippling America?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez currently makes about $175,000 per year, yet insists she doesn’t have enough to repay her student loans. If you think the millions of millennials complaining from their couches are crying for the same thing for any reason other than they just want more free money, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

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