Smoking Gun Found—I Knew It

U.S. District Judge Andrew Gilliam donated over $30,000 to Democrat candidates and causes before being appointed by then-President Obama, the Daily Caller reported.

Gilliam issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Pentagon from transferring $1 billion to border wall construction. The injunction could also affect another $1.5 billion of the proposed $8.1 billion President Donald Trump has earmarked for the border wall.

Although Gilliam pledged in his confirmation hearings to be impartial in his rulings, it appears that he has reverted to a partisan position when he saw the opportunity to block Trump’s wall efforts.

Democrats know that if Trump succeeds in building the border wall and stopping the flood of immigrants, it hurts them in multiple ways.

Not only do they lose out on possible future voters, they also give Trump a huge win with his base, which sees the wall as the only one of Trump’s major campaign promises yet unfulfilled.

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