BREAKING: Biden KILLING Americans… SINISTER Plan Revealed

Joe Biden’s administration made a huge decision this week: to slash the doses of lifesaving coronavirus treatment that Florida is receiving.

The state now has less than half of what is needed for a routine week in the state.

Biden called it “equitable distribution” but we all really know it’s just an attack on Ron DeSantis and other conservatives that Joe promised to get “out of the way.”

This is significant because it’s PROOF that Joe Biden will stop at nothing to destroy conservatives in this country, whether citizens die or not.

It’s one thing to have a personal beef with DeSantis, but Biden taking his ball and going home is going to kill Americans.

Apparently the causalities are a necessary evil for the White House.

Just like those 13 service members in Kabul, right Joe?

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7 Responses

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  3. Who cares what you are making when the man who sits in the white house is making plans to kill American citizens who do not fall down and worship him and his dictatorship?

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